Excerpt from “Making Friends with Candy”, journal entries published in the last chapter of the book.


"I will kiss the face of Jesus then bow at his feet. I will thank my Heavenly Father for his love, his love, his mercy, his grace.


No more will I be lonely or sad. No more will I be in pain. My heart will be finally free to dance among the stars. My soul for once can rejoice and be at peace. I’m letting go of my yesterday and all of their misery. I’m holding on to my eternity and it’s joy.


I have been loved. I have been cherished. I will go on in the hearts of those who love me."



“Without a wonderful ending, the beginning means nothing.

Thank you for all things Wonderful xo”


Candy writes encouraging words:


I will remain in the sands on the beach.


I will be in the tide that runs to the shore and tickle the toes of my friends.


I will be in the soft gentle rain that kisses the cheeks of those I love and there

with them I will dance and laugh.


I will be the butterfly who shows up unannounced to bring a smile on fluttering wings.


I will be in the seashells by the shore to be held and adored.


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Making Friends with Candy is 6" x 9" - 260 pages with a full color cover. Interior pages are black and white with photos.






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If you only read this introduction I want you to know that things do happen for a reason, even if we do not know why. I believe people are put into our lives and it’s up to us to make the most of those encounters. And, that you can find love within the most troubling times or darkest moments in your life, as well as in the lives of others. This is the story of a chance meeting and my commitment to do what that voice in my head, as well as my heart, said was the right thing to do.


I would not wish the last year of Candy’s life on anyone. She lived through “hell on earth”, the death of her unborn child, being diagnosed with cancer, then discovering more about herself, her “real” friends, and the family she never knew she had.


I was blessed to come into Candy’s life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I hope you enjoy reading my story about making friends with Candy, a view from down the street online. And, if you are as lucky as I was, you will learn something new about yourself or enjoy a good read as an observer looking in.



Read my article from VIE Magazine.



CHRISTY M. ~ "I hope you enjoy reading a small chapter of my life." Jim states, in the personalized message in this book. Chapters of life, that is how I would describe the people that are placed in our path. This book however, is a chapter that lives on... because someone cared enough to keep a precious life alive and carry them along. Candy's life and memory is so precious and will continue to touch many who care to meet her through the pages of this book. I believe Candy's "Hummingbird Food" was so strong it not only went straight to her heart it continues to penetrate the hearts of everyone who meets her. If you don't know the reference of "hummingbird food" in this statement, you will have to "Make Friends" with Candy through the pages of this book to find out. The heart of Jim Clark also shines through this book, as he took the time to embrace a life encounter and journey where most people were afraid to tread! He left the footprints of HOME on Candy's heart and she left him "Christmas Candy" that will be savored and shared long after the next chapter! I encourage you not to just meet Candy but to "Make Friends" with Candy. This is not just a book you read, it's a journey you take in life as you encounter and embrace the moment! "Celebrate Everyday As If It Were Your Last...xo" Thank you, Candy Angel Christmas!!! Jim Clark, BEAUTIFULLY DONE!! Just AD3..."


RACHEL D. ~ Jim I just finished reading your gift. Thank you so very much. You will never know how much this means to me. As Candy would say ...my heart is raining down my face. Its incredible xo


MARA R. ~ I just finished reading the book. I laughed and I cried so much. It is beautiful. I'd never seen anyone do what you did for her. Being there without any expectations, just helping someone fight.


TIFFANY C. ~ Just finished the book. Man it's a good one. Weighs heavy on my heart. With swollen eyes, again I thank you for sharing this strong womens journey...empowering! Never take life for granted, each day is a gift!


JENNA L. ~ Hey Jim, Well, the book arrived yesterday, and I am so thankful to have read it. I read every word, for I am a "word" reader, not a skimmer. You know, for me, this was not a book about Candy, but a book about you. I know you didn't mean for it to be that way, but for me , it was. It gave me an insight into you, your thoughts, your feelings, your compassion, your talent.


LINDA B. ~ "Making Friends with Candy" is the best book I've ever read. There were times when I wanted to cry but I held back so I could keep reading. I've finished it now and it's a great book about an amazing person. Thank you Jim for sending it to me, it was one book I couldn't put down. You are very lucky to have known such a great person.


CAROL R. ~ I read your book and it was a wonderful book.. I had to make it last three days lol I could have read it in one day but when I have something good in my hands, I try to make it last..God bless you for being a great friend to Candy...


ASHLEY B ~ So I just finished reading your book again. I’ve read it so many times now that I lost count. I couldn’t help but smile the entire time I was reading, even through the many tears. It was such a beautiful story. Candy was an amazing and strong woman. I thank you so much for sharing her journey with me and everyone. Reading this book made me wish I could have met her myself…she was one heck of a woman to be able to deal with the things she had to go through.


The love you showed her, I’ve never seen anyone do something like that without expecting something in return. You are an awesome guy! Can I say that I am thankful to have met you and be able to call you a friend? There aren’t many like you out there that would do what you did for Candy.


I’m sure you feel lucky to have met Candy and being able to get to know her and spend time with her for the short time that you did. Just remember that one day you will be able to see her again and that she is in a much, much better place!


This book made me realize just how precious time is and to be thankful for what I have and to not take one single day for granted and to live each moment to the fullest. To be sure and tell those that mean something to me that I love them and to let them know how thankful I am that God brought them into my life.


You really are a true inspiration.


WENDY E ~ I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated the opportunity to read it. It provides an interesting and unique perspective for relating the journey of your friendship with Candy - and an evolution to a writing style that captures the essence of online social engagement. More importantly, it captures the power these channels have to remove barriers and touch others in a very warm, real and intimate way. Thank you for sharing with us.

Making Friends with Candy is 6" x 9" - 260 pages with a full color cover.

Interior pages are black and white with photos.

< CLICK HERE to order your copy $19.99 plus shipping


Or if you would like an autographed copy and you live in the U.S. email jim@makingfriendswithcandy.com your request (including name of person book to be signed to, shipping address, and your email address). You will be emailed an invoice for $29.99 shipping included (Paypal or Credit Card) and Jim Clark will personally sign and mail your copy to you.



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