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What's this site all about? Well it's kinda like this... You will see short comments with or without photos or illustrations to support our words. Sometimes you might just see a photo of something we thought was neat. When in Panama City Beach, South Walton, Santa Rosa Beach, Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Pensacola or even Navarre we will have our eyes open for stuff that we like and you might find interesting too. We love the beach, the bay, the harbor, fishing, swimming, sunsets, shopping (when we have money), and meeting new people who live here or those who are just visiting. Hope to see you soon. And "yes" there are some ads on this site, some of them are our friends places and others are places, things or services we might like, and others just pop up. Check them out if they interest you if not just look at the pictures and enjoy.

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4578680de2577b6f1c4da8f46ec9dcd3923416a82338568e10 is the site to visit for comments from locals concerning shopping, graphic design, advertising, travel (day trips), fishing (from the beach, pier, or from a charter boat), photography (pics we like), family vacation info (affordable), restaurants (food we like), seashells, sand between your toes, Emerald Coast lifestyle (what is it?), Sandestin (is that a city?), and the Gulf of Mexico (is it the ocean?). And YES... we do ramble on about stuff, get over it! Come on in, the water's fine! We don't mind getting out feet wet... For entertainment purposes plus a little free advice. Copyright 2004 Clark&Co