Cobia / Ling

Fishing from the beach, off the piers, or in a boat.. it’s all good when it comes to hunting for these fish. Cobia / Ling are seasonal migrating fish that cruise the coast. They are the most fun to catch when sight fishing from the pier or in a boat on the Ling tower. Tie on your favorite jig, tip it with a little squid, and start looking. Good luck...



Link to Facebook Page by the DRKT ole school pier rats from the Dan Russell City Pier on Panama City Beach

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These guys don't come by the pier that often but when they do they are fun to catch and great to eat. Also the colors you see on the image are very close to what they look like when you catch them. The colors fades fast but the memory of catching them won't.

King Mackeral

There is nothing more exciting than hearing your drag scream when you hook-up one of the smokers. Be sure to be careful around the pilons when trying to gaff your fish. King Macs are great when grilled as steaks after a little marinating in Italian dressing.

Spanish Mackeral

Some people don't enjoy fishing for Spanish but I do. You can catch a lot of them when they are around and fresh fried spanish with some hushpuppies and coleslaw is great. So if you see some guy with a white jig or a silver gotcha catching these guys... it just night be me.


Sight fishing for pompano is where it's at. Tip your jig with a sand flea and watch for them to show up. They are seasonal so check out when they are coming by your favorite pier. Cut three slits on both sides, stuff with some butter and place them under the broiler, flip and repeat. The skin peels right off and you will enjoy this deliousness.


Florida has slot limits for reds so be sure to know the regulations before going fishing for them. They usually are around when it's cooler outside and they enjoy eating mullet, small crabs, and cut bait. Blackened Redfish become famous a few years back in New Orleans but be careful before you try it at home. Look up how on line.


One of the most relaxing things I do is fishing for flounder in the fall. I take a smaller pole with 8 to 10lb. test line and bounce a jig (artificial shrimp) on the bottom around the docks and piers to find them.



Link to Facebook Page by the DRKT ole school pier rats from the Dan Russell City Pier on Panama City Beach

Speckeled Trout

Finding these guys early in the morning and a dusk is usually best hunting time for specs. I recommend cooking them fresh and not freezing these fish... they tend to get mushy when frozen. So catch the ones you're going to eat and share the rest or release them for another day.


Fried, smoked, and even grilled mullet is yummy. So yummy in fact that there is even a festival in Niceville named after them. You use a cast net to catch them because they are vegetarians and the "finger" mullet are great for bait for other fish.


If you are from up north on the east coast you may already know about these guys.  A fun fighting fish with a oily meaty flesh. I like to bake these fish or make then into a smoked fish dip. Look up some recipes and enjoy the fish after the fight.


The crazy thing to me about these fish are their teeth. They look like human teeth or at least goat toofies... yeah I said that. Usually caught around the docks with live shrimp, hermit crabs, small crabs, and even cut bait when they are really hungry. Scale the fish and broil or bake because the sheepshead have bones but tender white meat.

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