On Vacation or Taking a Break

from the Same ol’ Same ol’


Have Fun and Share Your Experiences With Others. You Will Get A

Lot Out Of It and Might Even Make New Friends While Doing It.

They Come Out at Night - Good people getting together building a fire (with a permit) and then enjoying food and refreshments brought by everyone.  Some folks bring their guitars and sing songs most of us know the words. I just hum the words and enjoy the company. You will too. See you at the beach.

I love to fish... Fishing from the beach, off the piers, or in a boat.. it’s all good. Just being outside with the fresh salt air blowing in your face is great. Different fish can be caught all year around in Northwest Florida. The guy in this photo is spot fishing for pompano in the Gulf.

Kayaking on the Bay - Put your sunscreen on and start out into the bay. It’s fun to fish or just explore. Wear your life vest, pack a lunch and drinks, and row row row your boat... well kinda. People are using stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, and small row boats to enjoy a day on the water so you should too.

Walk the Pier... For a couple of bucks you can go on Okaloosa Island Pier. See the fishermen fish, dolphins playing in the Gulf, sting rays, and bait fish around the pilons. You might even see a shark swimming in the surf because they like to eat dinner at dusk.

You Can Call Me Ray... I don't know about you but I think it is really kewl when I see sting rays in the wild. We have all been told to be sure to shuffle our feet when walking in the sand in the Gulf but that seams to just make the little fish bite my toes ha ha ha. If you see the rays just enjoy them and don't step on them.

Feed Me? - The Great Blue Heron is all over Northwest Florida. I have seen them while I have been fishing on the docks. I too have given them a bait fish to eat... we should not do this. It will make the birds dependent on us for food and too lazy to hunt for themselves and they will eat things not good for them.

Take a look at what went on day one at South Walton Fashion Week 2014 at see pics here...







What is that? - If you are walking along the beach and look down and see one of these little guys don't worry. It's just a sand flea... they don't bite and won't hurt you. Some people have been known to eat them but usually we use them as bait when fishing for pompano.

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